The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card

I haven’t always been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Personally, I think we should focus on celebrating love all 365 days of the year. But it’s also hard not to get caught up in everything red + heart-shaped this time of year.

Last year, I hosted a “girls only” Valentine’s Day party with my best friends, and I’ll be throwing another bash this year to make it into a tradition! Since I’m also a huge fan of sending snail mail, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day cards from around the web. It’s so important to find the perfect card with the right sentiment— here are plenty of options for all the special people in your life!

valentine's day cards

ONE // Say with those three little words. End of story.

TWO // Write it out with 10 reasons why they’re perfect for you.

THREE // For the social media lover in your life.

FOUR // Your standard holiday sentiment.

FIVE // Sign it with x’s and o’s.

SIX // For whoever you consider your #1.

SEVEN // Add a little Southern flair.

EIGHT // Perfect for your new crush + your best friends.

NINE // For the single ladies in your life.

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