The Perfect Valentine’s Day Card

I haven’t always been a fan of Valentine’s Day. Personally, I think we should focus on celebrating love all 365 days of the year. But it’s also hard not to get caught up in everything red + heart-shaped this time of year.

Last year, I hosted a “girls only” Valentine’s Day party with my best friends, and I’ll be throwing another bash this year to make it into a tradition! Since I’m also a huge fan of sending snail mail, I thought I’d share a few of my favorite Valentine’s Day cards from around the web. It’s so important to find the perfect card with the right sentimentโ€” here are plenty of options for all the special people in your life!

valentine's day cards

ONE // Say with those three little words. End of story.

TWO // Write it out with 10 reasons why they’re perfect for you.

THREE // For the social media lover in your life.

FOUR // Your standard holiday sentiment.

FIVE // Sign it with x’s and o’s.

SIX // For whoever you consider your #1.

SEVEN // Add a little Southern flair.

EIGHT // Perfect for your new crush + your best friends.

NINE // For the single ladies in your life.

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